30 Pub Table

30 pub table

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Pen Mill Hotel - Yeovil, Somerset, England

Pen Mill Hotel - Yeovil, Somerset, England

Bob's rating = 7/10
I've re-written my appraisal of the Pen Mill and raised my rating from below average to above average based on a couple of recent visits, the lastest visit being last evening. The Pen Mill has improved tremendously over the last couple of years and now has attentive staff and the beers have improved out of all recognition - my Doom Bar (?3.10) was well kept and really good (last week I had equally good Tribute (?3.30). The choice of wines could never be accused of being extensive, but I plumped for a bottle of Shiraz at ?14.50 and my wife had a bottle of Freixenet Cava at ?18.50, both of which I think were good value.

The menu is nothing to shout about - it's still basically pub grub, albeit well-cooked and with good sized portions - I had a mixed grill which was very good and my wife had Surf and Turf - on the good side she asked for the scampi to be replaced with king prawns, which they were with no quibble. On the bad side, her steak was cold. Fortunately for the Pen Mill she doesn't mind cold food and doesn't like to make a fuss. (Good job my food was hot - that's all I can say!). Another plus is that the food was served on piping hot plates, something that is often overlooked by some restaurants. Overall, the food is good value although the menu remains generally quite uninspired considering the pretentious owner claims it to be Yeovil's favourite independant restaurant! A highlighted part of their menu speaks volumes and quotes the Pen Mill's favourite main course as "ham, egg and chips" - fine dining this isn't and reading that on a menu immediately makes me think that this is not going to be a memorable epicurean repast. The feeling that you are dining in an upgraded transport cafe rather than an haute cuisine restaurant is not helped by plastic flowers on the table and the feeling is reinforced by vinegar still in its Sarson's bottle and those annoying little packets of sauces in a pot. You're not likely to find home-made sauce tartare, or the like, here! Finally, when will so-called restaurants learn that it is almost a sin to have ordinary white pepper on the table rather than pepper grinders?

pub candid ~ 069/365

pub candid ~ 069/365

After the birthday party leaves and when we should have been on the way home Gina insists on another drink! So we sit down and i spot this chap, now I'm quite drunk at this point and I'm trying to figure out how to take a shot. Sat camera on table point in general direction, shutter release is on 2sec timer, exposure is 1/4 sec, f2.8 Subject doesn't move luckily. Manage to shoot 7/8 frames and he doesn't notice.

30 pub table

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