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  • (Coffee Tables) While any small and low table can be, and is, called a coffee table, the term is applied particularly to the sets of three or four tables made from about 1790; of which the latter were called 'quartetto tables'.

  • A low table, typically placed in front of a sofa

  • low table where magazines can be placed and coffee or cocktails are served

  • A coffee table, also called a cocktail table, is a style of long, low table which is designed to be placed in front of a sofa, to support beverages (hence the name), magazines, feet, books (especially coffee table books), and other small items to be used while sitting, such as coasters.

  • Move displayed text or graphics in a particular direction on a computer screen in order to view different parts of them

  • coil: a round shape formed by a series of concentric circles (as formed by leaves or flower petals)

  • (of displayed text or graphics) Move up, down, or across a computer screen

  • Cause to move like paper rolling or unrolling

  • a document that can be rolled up (as for storage)

  • move through text or graphics in order to display parts that do not fit on the screen; "Scroll down to see the entire text"

For sonadowlover4ever story by me ^^ please read sonadow lovers out there!! warining YAIO

For sonadowlover4ever story by me ^^ please read sonadow lovers out there!! warining YAIO

A Sonadow Story

As Sonic the Hedgehog scrolled downtown below Westopolis, he spotted a coffee shop that looked a little deserted. Sonic ran towards it and slowly walked into the shop. The bell dinged softly as he did and he sat in an empty booth. Sonic sighed as he looked outside. Snow was falling gently to the ground, making it glow bright white. Christmas was tomorrow and Sonic had no luck of getting his friends presents. Especially Shadow, his long-time love interest. As Sonic twirled his spoon in his mocha, he drooped his eyes sadly at the cup, “I sure wish Shadow was with me now...”
He took a sip of his cup and placed it down gently. Sonic was in no mood for coffee now. He took out some change, put them by the cup, and stood up from his seat. Afterwards he slowly walked out of the shop and sat down on the nearest bench, shivering. Sonic tapped his shoes on the soft snow beneath him and snowflakes dropped down on his head and face. It was making him almost feel better, the cold snow going on his fur, making him nice and cool. He imagined Shadow beside him, with his arms around him to make him warm, and talking gently into his ear with reassuring words. Sonic blushed.
“Who am I kidding? Shadow wouldn’t go out with me...not even be close to me...” Sonic thought as he shook off the feelings he had and started walking home. He didn’t want to run because his stomach ached and he was cold. Sonic dragged his feet as he watched the cars and trucks pass him on the road on the side. Few minutes after, he heard a motorcycle stop near by him. Sonic looked up and found Shadow the Hedgehog on a black motorcycle, parked near him, and then he asked, “Shadow? What are you doing here?” Shadow looked anxiously at the blue one and said gently, “Want a ride home? You look like you were freezing. Here.” He handed him an extra scarf, it was red and white. Sonic took the scarf and wrapped it around his neck.
Shadow smiled, “Hop on.” Sonic smiled back as he jumped behind him and held onto the sides. Then both of them roared off and zoomed down the highway towards where Sonic lived. It was a dream come true for Sonic. As Shadow did a hard left turn, Sonic yelped as he wrapped his arms around Shadow’s waist. Shadow didn’t mind at all and kept on driving with warm arms around his waist. Sonic blushed and smiled warmly as he put his head sideways on Shadow’s broad back. “He’s so muscular.” Sonic thought once again.
Few minutes after, both hedgehogs were at Sonic’s house, getting warmed up from the cold drive. Sonic made hot chocolate for him and Shadow. He brought the mugs to the living room area where he found Shadow lounging on the couch. Sonic put down the mugs on the coffee table and stared into the fireplace, which Shadow lit up because the entire house was cold. Sonic took his cup into his hand, blew at it, and took a small sip. It was yummy and creamy like he always made them. Sonic asked as he out down his cup for it to cool off a little longer, “Aren’t you going to have your hot chocolate, Shadow? I made it myself.”
Shadow opened one eye and grunted, “Is it cooling off still?” Sonic nodded. Shadow got up and sat near Sonic on the floor and took his mug. Sonic watched closely as Shadow took a small sip. When he did, Shadow put the cup down as he smiled, “Delicious hot chocolate there, Sonic. How’d you make it so perfect?” Sonic smirked as he grabbed his mug, “Family recipe. It is pretty good.” He gulped down the hot chocolate to the last drop. Shadow laughed as he got up and sat down on the couch with his mug. Sonic smacked his lips, “That was good.” He said as he chuckled lightly. Shadow drank the rest of his hot chocolate and set down the empty cup back on the table.
“Thanks Sonic.” Shadow thanked Sonic as he kicked up his feet on the edge of the couch and laid down with his hands behind his head. Sonic thought he looked hot and stared lovingly at his body. When he didn’t know what he was doing, Sonic shook his head while blushing lightly and then grabbed the empty cups to put them in the sink. He got back onto the floor in front of the fire, thinking, “What shall I do? I don’t know what to do now. Shadow’s here. Talk to him.” Sonic turned around to face Shadow and he smiled, “Lovely evening, isn’t it, Shadow?” Shadow nodded, “Yup. It is. I’m a little...cold.” Sonic frowned, “Oh.”
Sonic got up, walked near the couch and sprang onto the black and red hedgehog with his arms and hands around his waist. “Hey! What the hell are you doing?” Shadow asked. Sonic chuckled, “You told me you were cold so I’m here to warm you up, silly.” He snuggled his head into his soft chest fur and sighed happily. Shadow sighed, “Um. Ok.” He than started to gently stroke the blue one’s quills and Sonic purred in delight. For a while, Shadow kept stroking Sonic’s head while Sonic cuddled his chest fur with his face. Then Sonic started to kiss Shadow’s neck, making him tremble and lightly moan. Shadow craned his neck up while Sonic kissed along hi

IMG 3156

IMG 3156

This is the living room. Mistress of the house stands with her staff just inside the front door. On the coffee table mouth watering candy apples, cakes, and cookies are ready for guests, although the frog on the couch would just as soon have them all to himself! The spell table under the window hold various magickal tools; her Book of Shadows, scrying ball, wand, pentacle, etc. Magic scrolls fill the tub next to the door.

scroll coffee table

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